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John Kachurick Profile

I was looking for a convenient and easy way to manage my social media presence for my growing business, and SMClicks did the trick for me. It allowed me to reduce the time I spent managing social media each week and still grow my presence by 500-600%, and unlike the other guys, I receive top notch support for questions and how-to's to make it even better. I would... Read More

John Kachurick

Melissa De Maria - Keller Williams

I have know Allan for quite a few years and have always been impressed not only with his knowledge of the internet and social media but his passion for the topic as well. He is great at explaining the benefits and how to make social media work for your business. When he presented... Read More

Melissa De Maria

Scott Love

I started using SMClicks recently and found it to be an easy way to schedule and manage my posts. You write your post one time and then click on any social media you want it to show up in. You can schedule what time to post and also can see some amazing analytics on when people read your post and if they like, share, or comment on it. The cost is much cheaper than Hootsuite... Read More

Scott Love