About SMclicks

SMclicks social media management softwareSMclicks is social media management software, and a brand of Image Building Media, a full-service internet marketing company based in Tampa, Florida. Besides software, SMclicks includes support and education for customers, and upgraded plans for customers seeking a semi-managed or fully managed social media solution.

We started SMclicks to make the software we use at Image Building Media for social media readily available to companies and individuals, including marketing agencies.

We offer a 30 day free trial without entering a credit card, during which customers use video tutorials to setup the software and begin posting to social media.

Customers can sign up for a demo at any time, during which a customer service representative will work with them to answer any questions. We also use screen sharing to walk customers through setup, posting to social media, and automation of social media.

Plans start at $29 per month, and include DIY, Semi-Managed, and Managed plans.

Unlike typical software plans, each SMclicks plan includes all features, rather than withholding features from lower priced plans as an incentive to upgrade. The only difference between plans is the number of profiles and projects, and the service we provide (semi-managed or managed). Therefore, a customer with the lowest price plan has all the software capabilities as a customer paying hundreds of dollars per month.

The social media management software application is completely online. The backend is powered by Social Network Analytics LLC, a company based in New York City that powers social media software companies around the world.