SMclicks includes important features you can integrate with your Google My Business account, such as posting to your Business account, seeing reviews in your Inbox, and replying to reviews.

This month, SMclicks added analytics from your Google My Business account, making it much easier to track and evaluate your visibility on Google, and engagement with your Google Business listing.

Previously, you had to go to your Google Business account and login, then go to the Insights to see your analytics. Now, using SMclicks, you receive the information in your Reports.

Google My Business Analytics

The analytics available with SMclicks for Google My Business is very similar to those displayed in the Google My Business Insights.

They include:

  • Your business listing’s appearance in:
    • Google maps.
    • Google search.
  • How the information in your business listing was used to connect with you:
    • Phone calls.
    • Clicks on your website link.
    • Request for directions to your location.
  • Information as to how people found your Google business listing:
    • Direct: users found your listing searching for your business name or address.
    • Discovery: users who find your listing searching for a category, product, or service.
  • Reviews, including demographics, responses, and response time.

Connect Your Google My Business Account

Your Google My Business account is already connected, if:

  • You have been posting to your Google My Business account with SMclicks.
  • You have been using the SMclicks Inbox with your Google My Business account.

If you need to connect SMclicks to your Google My Business account, just follow the same procedure for connecting any of your profiles.

Tutorial: Connect Personal Profiles, Business Pages, and Groups

See Your Google My Business Analytics

After your Google My Business account is connected to SMclicks, simply go to Reports.  There are two places where you can access your Google My Business analytics:

  • Reports / Cross-Channel / Profiles
  • Reports / Channels / Google Business

Watch the video below for more details.

Video: Google My Business Analytics & Reports