Love it! Everything for all of your social media accounts is in one place

Land of Essential OilsWe have been using SM Clicks for a couple of months now and absolutely love it! I think the best thing about SM Clicks is it works, and everything for all of your social media accounts is in one place.

Like other social media manager programs, you can post to several social sites and schedule posts into the future. You can set up a schedule for as many posts as you want on the days and times you want.

In addition to the obvious sites (like Facebook and Twitter), SM Clicks lets you post videos to YouTube and Vimeo, and images to Instagram. It works with LinkedIn, Reddit and more – if you use a social media site, SM Clicks probably works with it!

The best thing about it for us is the ability to curate copy from other sources. If you like to share material from other websites, SM Clicks can “watch” those sites for you. It will alert you when it finds stuff that matches your search terms! The system will post it automatically, based on your schedule, or you can have the system hold the content for you to approve manually approve.

It allows you to mark your original content as “evergreen.” If you forget to schedule a specific post on a day, the system will automatically drop in an evergreen post for you! How great is that?

The “Inbox” allows you to see who has commented or liked your posts. Plus, you can reply, like, and share posts right in the dashboard – no need to log into a social media account separately.

The last big "plus" about SM Clicks is you don’t need a plugin or any special software – it all works from the website on your laptop or mobile browser. It has just about everything any Social Media Manager’s has on their wish list!

Richard Farrester