Automated Social Media Posting, Management, Engagement, and Reporting

Automate your social media posting, management, engagement, and reporting with SMclicks, with these features:

  • Auto schedule website articles.
  • Auto schedule evergreen posts.
  • Auto schedule curated posts.
  • Automated reporting.

We also show you the automated search feature for research and engagement purposes.

Important: The current environment of social channels becoming more and more cautious, has resulted in the decision to remove of our engagement automations (such as automatically liking a comment or review). We believe it is best to be overly conservative, so that all social channels are very comfortable, even though we only do the things allowed by each channel's API. The engagement automations will be replaced with a different system that delivers recommendations of various actions to take. All non-engagement automations remain in place (such as syndicating content, auto posting evergreen content, etc.).