Post Direct to Instagram Without a Mobile Devise

Until recently, Instagram has only allowed users to post using a mobile devise. Now, users can post direct to Instagram using SMclicks.

#1 Convert Your Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

Under account settings, scroll down to Settings / Linked Accounts and connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account with the Facebook page you would like associated with Instagram.

Now, scroll up and click "Switch to Business Profile." You may be asked to log into Facebook. Then you will be asked to select which Facebook business page you want to connect.

Then, you will be ask which contact information you want to pull from your Facebook business page.

Once your personal account is converted to a business account, you may want to convert your username and profile to represent your company, rather than you personally.

More information: Convert your personal Instagram profile to a business profile

Connect / Reconnect Your Instagram Profile and Facebook Profile in SMclicks

After you have an Instagram business account, now go to your SMclicks dashboard.


If you have not connected your Instagram account to SMclicks, connect it now. Follow the same procedures when connecting to any other profile.

  • Click the (+) sign on the upper right part of the page and connect the profile.

If you have connected your Instagram account in the past, reconnect it to SMclicks following the same procedures.


Do the same for your Facebook business page. Connect or reconnect your the Facebook business page to SMclicks.

As normal, it may take 24-48 hours for your profile to be connected. You know that everything is setup correctly if your Instagram Business Profile is Active and under "Publish" says "Yes."

Instagram business profile connected to SMclicks

Posting to Instagram with SMclicks

Now that SMclicks is connected to your Instagram Business Profile, you can post to Instagram like any other profile.

When posting, you will see that there is now a tab labeled "Customize for Instagram (optional)," which allows you to format a custom Instagram post. This is especially important, since Instagram does not permit clickable links in the caption or comment section of your post.