Create and Schedule Posts

In this tutorial, we show you how to create and schedule posts. Note that all the posts are created the same way.

API Changes: In 2018, social media companies became more conservative and changed their APIs in light of events such as those surrounding Cambridge Analytica and social media CEOs being grilled by congress. As a result, social media apps are no longer allowed to post to LinkedIn Groups and Facebook personal profiles. If history repeats itself, we would expect this to change again in the future.

New SMclicks Features:

  • Post Preview: A "Preview" button has been added to the bottom left of the compose message window. It allows users to preview exactly how their posts will look across social networks before they post, including text, images, links, and videos.
  • Post Videos to LinkedIn Company Pages: Users have been able to post videos to select social media channels for some time. Now, you are also able to post video to LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • Post Facebook Branded Content: Once your Facebook Business Page is eligible to post branded content, compose a branded Facebook post as you normally would in SMclicks, then scroll down to "Facebook Branded Content" and tag the sponsor of the post. However, be sure to fully understand Facebook's policies for branded content before proceeding.