How Frequently to Post, and What to Post

You may be wondering about the frequency of posting to your social media profiles. And, if you are new to social media for your business, you may be looking for ideas about what to post.

There is a lot of information online about these topics, and a variety of opinions.

So, here are a couple of thoughts we have found helpful.

#1 Regarding the frequency of posting, here is an article that combines 14 studies to get a general rule of thumb:

  • As you use SMclicks and digest the reports that are automatically produced, you will learn through testing what works best for your social network.

#2 Regarding what to post on social media, here are two articles with some good ideas.  Some of them will be applicable for your business, but many will probably not be helpful.

The infographic in the constant contact article is very helpful, which we like so much we have shared it on our social media profiles.